The kit shop is located in the GGFG Regimental Museum at Cartier Square Drill, 2 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa ON.



Purchases can be made in person during Museum opening hours on Tuesday evenings from 7 – 9 PM, during the Sep to May period, or by mailing a request to the GGFG Kit Shop, Box 1212, Postal Station ‘B’, Ottawa, ON K1P 5R3. Kit shop inquiries can be directed to Marty Lane.

kitShopItem Hand painted metal Guardsman and sentry box. Boxed, 125th Anniversary commemoration.

Embroidered 3” x 4 ¼ ” blazer crest.
kitShopItem2 Officer‘s cap badge

CWO & MWO Cap badge

For sale to serving members only.
kitShopItem3 Silver GGFG badge, 1 1/4” for Sr NCO collar badge and officer’s beret.

For sale to serving members only.
kitShopItem4 Embroidered St. Edwards crown rank badge for full dress and blues. Per pair.

Embroidered gold garter star rank badge.
Per pair.
For sale to serving members only.
kitShopItem5 GGFG Regimental coin, 1 ½”dia.
kitShopItem6 GGFG crested brass belt buckle, 1 ¾” x 1 ½”.

GGFG crested silver coloured shirt studs, set of four.
kitShopItem7 GGFG crested silver ring.
Special order only, price may change at the time of ordering due to the cost of silver.

GGFG crested silver coloured cuff links.
kitShopItem8 GGFG crested silver colour ½ “ lapel pin with keeper.
kitShopItem9 GGFG crested silver coloured tie bar, 2 ¼” x ¼”.
kitShopItem10 Brigade of Guards silk tie, 60”.

GGFG crested tie pin ½, silver colour
kitShopItem11 Walnut wall plaque 6” x 7 ½” with 2 ½” pewter GGFG crest. Includes brass coloured self-adhesive presentation plate.

Crested, durable plastic OD insulated mug.
kitShopItem12 Wood framed wall plaque 7 ¾” x 9” with finely detailed GGFG pewter crest and name script.
Cloth background in regimental colours.
Includes a pewter presentation plate.
Temporarily Out of Stock.
kitShopItem13 GGFG crested self-adhesive decal, 4” x 2 ¾”.
kitShopItem14 GGFG crested silver colour earrings ½”, pair.
kitShopItem15 Key chain, plastic, Regimental colours
zoom GGFG Crested Brooch
Plated with inlaid rhinestones
1 ¾” high and 1 3/8” wide.
flag GGFG Regimental flag
Polyester 3’ X 6’.
kitShopItem16 Polar fleece toque, OD, one size fits all.
kitShopItem17 Boot bands, pair
kitShopItem18 GGFG Regimental History, ‘Steady the Buttons Two by Two’
$50 – hard cover
$25 – soft cover
kitShopItem19 kitShopItem20 GGFG crested 100% cotton T shirts. Size M, L & XL Available in blue or burgundy.
$16 ea.
kitShopItem21 kitShopItem22 GGFG crested front and back, wicked polyester fibre running shirt. Blue with red piping.